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What is Electronic Banking?
Bank and nonbank providers of bill paying, money market accounts, automatic teller machines, debit cards, and other electronic financial service.
Began with telegraph in 1870s. ATMs are best example, which began in 1968 and now about 200,000 in number in the U.S.
Internet is stimulating rapid growth of electronic financial services.
Cash and checks dominate volume of payments transactions, but value of transactions is dominated by electronic transfers.

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)

  • Offline batch or Browser based
  • Interface with TMS avoids re-keying
  • Templates
    • pre defined beneficiaries
    • sort code, IBANs etc
  • Will allow a wide range of different payment types
    • primary payment types are MT102 (mass payments) and 103 (single customer credit transfer)
    • MT101 Multi-bank payments

Electronic Banking Security

  • Authorisation for payments/deals
  • Segregation of duties (back office/dealer)
  • Physical security
    • Dedicated computers for payments
    • Separate room
    • Password protected
  • Encryption or cyphertext
    • Private key or symmetric
    • Public key or asymmetric (public key infrastructure, PKI) not only ensures confidentiality but also provides authentication of the sender thus preventing repudiation
    • SSL, Secure Sockets Layer
    • HTTPS, Hypertext Transfer Protocol, Secure

E-Banking content:
1. What is Electronic Banking?
2. Electronic Balance and Transaction Reporting (EBR)
3. Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)
4. E-Commerce: Portals and Exchanges
5. Multi-bank Portal
6. Electronic Banking Security
7. And more.

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