Equilibrium Analysis in Economics


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What is Equilibrium?
Equilibrium is a constellation of selected interrelated variables so adjusted to one another that no inherent tendency to change prevails in the model which they constitute.
• Selected
Some variables are not selected to be in the model
Equilibrium is relevant only to the selected variables and may no longer apply if different variables are included (excluded)
• Interrelated
Since the variables are interrelated, all the variables must be in a state of rest if equilibrium is to be achieved
• Inherent
The state of rest refers to the internal forces of the model; external forces (exogenous variables) are assumed fixed

Partial Market Equilibrium
• Constructing the model
An equilibrium condition, behavioral equations, and restrictions must be specified
Qd = Qs
Qd = a – bP (a, b > 0)
Qs = -c + dP (c, d > 0)
• Solving the model
Equilibrium tells us Qd = Qs so we can substitute into the equilibrium equation and solve
a – bP = -c + dP
a + c = bP + dP
a + c = P(b + d)
a + c = P (equilibrium price)

General Equilibrium Model
• Our analysis can extend to n commodities
• There will be an equilibrium condition for each of the n markets
• There will be behavioral equations for each of the n markets

Equilibrium Analysis in Economics Content:
1. What is Equilibrium?
2. Partial Market Equilibrium
3. General Equilibrium Model
4. And more.

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