Child Labour in India


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In many countries children lives are plagued by armed conflict, child labour, sexual exploitation.
Children living in rural areas have fewer opportunities to obtain good quality education.
The UN Convention on the Rights of Children (CRC) (Article 38) has explicitly prohibited person under age 18 being recruited into the armed forces or direct participating in hostility.
In spite of this special provision under CRC, many countries still involve children below 18 years in hostilities.
What can be done to stop child labour?
A million dollar question with no specific solution. All sections of the society need to work together to stop misuse and abuse of children. Stakeholders to tackle these issues include:

1. National Governmental agencies
2. Non governmental organisations. (NGOs)
3. People’s forums
4. Corporate entities
5. Individual social service activists

Child Labour in India Content:

* The Problem
* Indian Scenario of Child Labour & Legislation
* What can be done to stop child labour?

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