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• Evaporation – process by which liquid water passes directly to the vapor phase
• Transpiration – process by which liquid water passes from liquid to vapor through plant metabolism
• Sublimation – process by which water passes directly from the solid phase to the vapor phase

Factors Influencing Evaporation
• Energy supply for vaporization (latent heat)
– Solar radiation
• Transport of vapor away from evaporative surface
– Wind velocity over surface
– Specific humidity gradient above surface
• Vegetated surfaces
– Supply of moisture to the surface
– Evapotranspiration (ET)

Evaporation from a Water Surface
• Simplest form of evaporation
– From free liquid of permanently saturated surface

Methods of Estimating Evaporation
• Energy Balance Method
• Aerodynamic method
• Combined method

Energy Method
• CV contains liquid and vapor phase water
• Continuity – Liquid phase

Wind as a Factor in Evaporation
• Wind removes vapor-laden air by convection
• This Keeps boundary layer thin
• Maintains a high rate of water transfer from liquid to vapor phase
• Wind is also turbulent
- Convective diffusion is several orders of magnitude larger than molecular diffusion

Evaporation Content:
1. Terminology
2. Factors Influencing Evaporation
3. Evaporation from a Water Surface
4. Methods of Estimating Evaporation
5. Energy Method
6. Wind as a Factor in Evaporation
7. Aerodynamic Method
8. And more.

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