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What is Performance Appraisal?
• According to Edwin Flippo, “Performance Appraisal is the systematic, periodic and impartial rating of an employee’s excellence, in matters pertaining to his present job and his potential for a better job.”
• According to Dale Beach, “Performance Appraisal is the systematic evaluation of the individual with regards to his or her performance on the job and his potential for development.”

• The Performance Appraisal process involves the following steps :
(1) Establish the Standards of Performance.
(2) Communicate these standards to employees.
(3) Measure the actual performance.
(4) Compare actual performance with the standards established.
(5) In case of variation, initiate corrective action.
(6) Communicate the rating to the employee.
(7) Discuss the feedback with the employee.
(8) Conduct post-appraisal Interview.
(9) Initiate corrective action if required.

Purpose / Uses
The main purposes of employee assessment are as follows :
(1) Identify employees who are eligible for salary increase.
(2) Generate data to take personnel decisions such as promotion, transfer and lay-off or termination decision.
(3) Determine the training and development needs of the employees.
(4) Validate the selection process.
(5) To measure whether standards laid down has been achieved by the employees or not.
(6) Estimate the future requirement of work force.
(7) Helps to recognise potential of promising employees.
(8) Last but not the least, performance appraisal also helps in motivating employees by providing feed back about their level of performance.

Advantages of Performance Appraisal
• SWOT Analysis
• Career Planning
• Suitable Placement
• Self-Development
• Effective Training Programme
• Sound Personnel Policies
• Employee – Employer Relations
• Higher Employee Productivity
• Performance Appraisal

Limitations of Performance Appraisal :
• Personal Bias
• Halo Effect
• Horn Effect
• Lack of Uniform Standards
• Appropriate Appraisal Technique
• Wrong Appraisal by Superior
• Stress on Individual and not on Performance
• Central Tendency

Performance Appraisal Content:
1. What is Performance Appraisal?
3. Purpose / Uses
4. Advantages of Performance Appraisal
5. Limitations of Performance Appraisal :
6. Methods of Performance Appraisal
7. And more.

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