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ECG Interpretation PPT Free Download. Get paper presentation and seminar topics about Types of Arryhthmias, Causes of Arrhytmias, Rhythm ID: Algorithm on ECG Interpretation PPT format.

Types of Arryhthmias:
Sinus Problems: Formed in thesinus node, but irregular
Ectopic Problems: Formed outside of the sinus node
Conduction Problems: Formed in the sinus node, but conduction in error
Pre-Excitation Problems: “Short circuits” in normal conduction

Causes of Arrhytmias:
Hypoxia: Lung disease
Ischemia: CAD, angina (local hypoxia)
Sympathetic Stimulation: Nervous, exercise, CHF, hyperthyroidism
Drugs: Caffeine, cocaine, stimulants…many antiarryhtmic drugs…
Electrolyte Disturbances: K+, Ca++, Mg++
Bradycardia: “Escape” rhythms…
Stretch: CHF, hypertrophy, valve disease

Rhythm ID: Algorithm
P-Wave: rate and rhythm
QRS: rate and rhythm – shape
P-R Interval: Is AV conduction normal? P:QRS regular?
T Wave and QT Interval
Any unusual complexes?

Clinical Manifestations:
Asymptomatic – generally benign
Palpitations – Awareness may cause anxiety
Compromised CO – Syncope
Myocardial Ischemia – tachy
CHF – Chronic insufficiency
Sudden Death – Cardiac arrest

ECG Interpretation Content:
1. Types of Arryhthmias
2. Causes of Arrhytmias
3. Rhythm ID: Algorithm
4. Clinical Manifestations
5. Define “Normal”
6. Sinus Rhythms
7. ABSENT PQRS Complex
8. And more.

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