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What Is Bluetooth?

Designed to be used to connect both mobile devices and peripherals that currently require a wire.
Simplifying communications between:
- devices and the internet
- data synchronization
USB without wires
Short range wireless radio technology
- operate range of 10 meters

Advantages (+)

  • Wireless (No Cables)
  • No Setup Needed
  • Low Power Consumption (1 Milliwat)
  • Industry Wide Support

Disadvantages (-)

  • Short range (10 meters)
  • Small throughput rates
    • Data Rate 1.0 Mbps
  • Mostly for personal use (PANs)
  • Fairly Expensive

How Does It Work?

Bluetooth is a standard for tiny, radio frequency chips that can be plugged into your devices.
These chips were designed to take all of the information that your wires normally send, and transmit it at a special frequency to something called a receiver Bluetooth chip.

Bluetooth content:
1. What Is Bluetooth?
2. Advantages (+) and Disadvantages (-)
3. How Does It Work?
4. Bluetooth Specifications
5. Bluetooth Frequency
6. Avoiding Interference : Hopping
7. Who Started Bluetooth?
8. and more.

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