Energy and Society


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Energetics of Human Societies
• We are currently living off of stored energy capital of millions of years ago.
– The storage of organic matter in sediments and fossil deposits created the concentration of petrochemical fossil fuels
• There are low and high level societies which require different levels of energy consumption to maintain their needs:
– MDC are high
– LDC are low

Energy becomes an environmental problem
• The oil crises of the early 1970s marked a transition
where we began to realize the social, political and economics costs of such a heavy dependence on petroleum.
• Oil prices were low in the 1980s and 1990s but have steadily risen since thyen.

Energy Crisis or Energy Predicament?
Four dimensions of the energy predicament.
• Source Problems-how much do we have?
• Scale of energy consumption (population growth and economic growth)
• Global Policy and geopolitical problems
• Sink Problems

Commercial Energy
- 3 ways to define Energy:
• Non-renewable: exist in a fixed quantity in the earth’s crust and can be used up (oil, gas, fossil fuels).
• Renewable: resources in unlimited supply (Solar, wind, tides, hydro)
• Potentially Renewable: resources that can be used, but not faster than they can be replenished (biomass)

Energy and Society Content:
1. Energetics of Human Societies
2. Energy becomes an environmental problem
3. Energy Crisis or Energy Predicament?
4. Commercial Energy
5. Will new discoveries always push the peak forward?
6. Scale of Consumption: Population Growth, Economic Development, and Inequity
7. And more.

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