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What is Phishing?
It is the act of tricking someone into giving confidential information (like passwords and credit card information) on a fake web page or email form pretending to come from a legitimate company (like their bank).

Types of Phishing
• Deceptive – Sending a deceptive email, in bulk, with a “call to action” that demands the recipient click on a link.
• Malware-Based – Running malicious software on the user’s machine. Various forms of malware-based phishing are:
- Key Loggers & Screen Loggers
- Session Hijackers
- Web Trojans
- Data Theft
• DNS-Based – Phishing that interferes with the integrity of the lookup process for a domain name. Forms of DNS-based phishing are:
- Hosts file poisoning
- Polluting user’s DNS cache
- Proxy server compromise
• Man-in-the-Middle Phishing – Phisher positions himself between the user and the legitimate site
• Search Engine Phishing – Create web pages for fake products, get the pages indexed by search engines, and wait for users to enter their confidential information as part of an order, sign-up, or balance transfer.

Causes of Phishing
• Misleading e-mails
• No check of source address
• Vulnerability in browsers
• No strong authentication at websites of banks and financial institutions
• Limited use of digital signatures
• Non-availability of secure desktop tools
• Lack of user awareness
• Vulnerability in applications

Effects of Phishing
• Internet fraud
• Identity theft
• Financial loss to the original institutions
• Difficulties in Law Enforcement Investigations
• Erosion of Public Trust in the Internet.

Industries affected
• Financial Services
• ISPs
• Online retailers

How to combat phishing?
• Educate application users
• Formulate and enforce Best practices
• Reinforce application development / maintenance processe

Phishing Content:
1. What is Phishing?
2. Types of Phishing
3. Causes of Phishing
4. Effects of Phishing
5. Industries affected
6. How to combat phishing?
7. Organizations
8. And more.

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