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What is Wind Power?
• Wind power is good renewable, clean and free source of energy for power production
• Reduce dependence on fossil fuels including imported oils
• Reduce emission of greenhouse gas and other pollutant
• One major concern is the noise – can be improved Intermittency and variability of the wind

Typical Cost
• 1.0 – 2.5 million per MW for large scale
- Most commercial wind turbine are in the range of 2 MW
• $3,000 – 5000 per kW in range less than 10kW
- $15,000 – $25,00 for residential home application

The Wind
• The wind is created by the movement of atmospheric air mass as a results of variation of atmospheric pressure, which results from the difference in solar heating of different parts of the earth surface.

Wind Energy Conversion
• Wind power describes the process by which the wind is used to generate mechanical energy or electrical energy.
• Wind energy is the kinetic energy of the large mass of air over the earth surface.
• Wind turbines converts the kinetic energy of the wind into mechanical energy first and then into electricity if needed.
• The energy in the wind turns propeller like blades around a rotor shaft.
• It is the design of the blades that is primarily responsible for converting the kinetic energy into mechanical energy.
• The rate of change of angular momentum of air at inlet and outlet of a blade gives rise to the mechanical torque.

Wind Turbine Power and Efficiency
• A wind turbine converts a fraction of the wind energy into mechanical energy
- A part is transferred to the rotor of the wind turbine ( )
- Rest is carried away by passing air
• The efficiency is the ratio of actual power developed by wind turbine rotor to the available wind power

Wind Energy Content:
1. What is Wind Power?
2. Typical Cost
3. The Wind
4. Wind Energy Conversion
5. Wind Turbine Power and Efficiency
6. Wind Turbine Torque
7. Rotor Torque
8. And more.

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